An assortment of fasteners like nuts bolts and washers
Screw It! Intro to Fasteners & Bolted Connections

Mechanical fasteners like screws, nuts, and bolts are fundamental components in any machine or vehicle. In this video, we will walk you through the basics of: Different fastener types and shapes Drive types Materials and coatings Galvanic corrosion Coarse vs … Read More


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Overview of Hyperelastic FEA of an O-Ring

In our recent video about O-rings, we featured some FEA animations of an O-ring being installed in a gland, and then responding to applied pressure. We have received a few questions about how this simulation was performed, so we thought … Read More

GoPro Air Knife for CNC Machining

Every time we try to film in a CNC machine, we always end up covering the lens in coolant: Constantly stopping the machine to wipe off the lens was getting annoying, so we designed an air knife that allows us … Read More