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ball bearing in foreground next to precision bore in part
Holier than Thou: Precision Holes by Drilling, Boring, and Reaming
It’s imperative that design engineers understand the full journey of the parts they design, from the drawing definition, through manufacturing,
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woman seated at laptop typing drawing notes in a CAD program
Course: Engineering Drawings for Manufacturing on LinkedIn Learning
Preparing clear, complete engineering drawings is a critical skill for nearly every design engineer. New engineers have traditionally had to
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An assortment of fasteners like nuts bolts and washers
Screw It! Intro to Fasteners & Bolted Connections
Mechanical fasteners like screws, nuts, and bolts are fundamental components in any machine or vehicle. In this video, we will
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Detail view of an engineering drawing
Engineering Drawings: How to Make Prints a Machinist Will Love
Engineering drawings are the most important deliverables that a design engineer produces. They provide all the instructions needed to make
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Overview of Hyperelastic FEA of an O-Ring
In our recent video about O-rings, we featured some FEA animations of an O-ring being installed in a gland, and
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Zoomed-in view of fingers pushing a piston with O-rings and backup rings into another component.
O-Rings? O-yeah! How to Select, Design, and Install O-Ring Seals
O-rings are the epitome of elegant engineering: The ring itself costs only a few cents, and the groove it goes
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measuring a machined pin with micrometers
Fits and Tolerances: How to Design Stuff that Fits Together
The vast majority of engineered products have multiple components that need to fit together. Sometimes you need components to slip
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Probe inspecting rectangular part in CNC machine.
Renishaw Probe Accuracy Follow-up + Intro to Precision and Accuracy
In response to a viewer question, we did a quick follow up to our previous Renishaw probe test, this time
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Woman standing at CNC machine control panel
CNC Machining and Manual Inspection Vignette
Follow us as we perform the second machining operation of a 6061 aluminum part as well as the manual inspection
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