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tarkka newsletter // february 2021

Holier than Thou: Precision Holes by Drilling, Boring, and Reaming

new youtube video

Holier than Thou: Precision Holes by Drilling, Boring, and Reaming is our latest YouTube video. We outline the design, manufacturing, and inspection for precision bores typical in mechanical components.

what we're reading

Advanced Manufacturing: The New American Innovation Policies (MIT Press): This is a good book on the recent history of American manufacturing and how we got to where we are today, with ideas for re-invigorating the industry domestically. Inculcates the Manufacturing USA public-private partnership/captured innovation inflow to large players. Overall a practical overview with referenced research and numbers of our modern situation.

AI has cracked a key mathematical puzzle for understanding our world (Technology Review): Groundbreaking research on solving Partial Differential Equations with a new deep learning technique. 

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what we're watching

The Man Who Invented More Than 800 Iconic Toys (The New Yorker YouTube): A joyful documentary of a toy designer. We loved this video and think you will too.

The Steel Rule (YouTube): Awesome vintage instructional video on how to use this simple yet versatile tool. Also: purchase a tarkka-designed steel rule here!

other updates

Have you seen our Engineering Drawings for Manufacturing LinkedIn Learning course? 1.5 hours of everything one needs to learn to create great drawings! Check it out here.

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